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Thumbs up Turning Backyards Into Gardens

Turning Backyards Into Gardens

One backyard at a time

What could be better than people helping others to start a garden? The women behind "Your Backyard Farmer" in Portland, Oregon landed serendipitously into a hot business idea that they love doing.

Donna Smith and Robin Streeter help people make the beautiful transformation from backyards to gardens. Immediately after starting their business, they were booked a year and a half forward.

Turning barren lawns and backyards into luscious gardens -- what a dream job!

Robin explains: "We were going to do a CSA, but realized that there are all these backyards and lawns. If we do it in THEIR space, they get to see what's happening, they get to know who the farmer is, they get to walk outside -- and eat."

See them in action here.

I seen this on tv and this family is amazing, they live off of 30,000 a yr, amazing garden, and they sell to the local restaurants, all self sufficient.

About the Urban Homestead

In the mid-1980s, our family set out to do the seemingly impossible: To create what we dubbed an urban homestead and live a self-sufficient, low-impact life in the heart of the city. For years we worked steadily to transform our ordinary urban lot in Pasadena, California, into an organic permaculture garden that supplies us with food year-round.

Having found food security in our own backyard, we were emboldened to take further steps. We began powering our home with alternative energies and fueling our car with home-brewed bio-diesel. Along with new technologies, we also embraced the simple living of past generations. We kept farm animals for egg production and manure, used secondhand goods to decrease our consumption of earth’s nonrenewable resources, and taught ourselves a variety of back-to-basics skills. Through much hard work, and no small amount of blessing, our "urban homestead" now enjoys a dramatic degree of independence, with ever-decreasing environmental impact.

The journey is ongoing—and we are by no means finished—but we are grateful to have come this far. In 2001, we named our homegrown venture “Path to Freedom” and created this website —the first ever devoted to urban homesteading. We hoped that by documenting our personal experiences we could offer encouragement to those striving to live a simpler, more self-sufficient lifestyle. Eight years later, is now the largest and most comprehensive urban homesteading website, with more than five million hits per month. We believe that our family’s real-life experience is what makes the site unique: We aren''t just writing about the latest eco-practices and products; for more than two decades, we have been living the revolution.

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Thank you Rory

You always find the best info

keep it coming
I am a USAF Veteran and LoveUSA

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Thank you Doz, appreciate the comments, some nice info there eh!
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